Volunteer day during FoodBank’s August Food Fight

Volunteer day during FoodBank’s August Food Fight

Pictured above L-R: Cesar Carino, Jasmin Cerillo, Sarah Ahern, and Dina Slapp

On 23rd August, Sodexo volunteers from the Melbourne National support centre spent their day at the Foodbank Victoria warehouse as part of Food Bank’s August Food Fight drive. 

The volunteers worked tirelessly moving trolleys and packing pallets full of food and other essentials.  The team packed over 650kgs of food which went towards helping the Asylum Seekers Foundation and Recover, a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility. 

Foodbank is the largest provider of food to school children, supporting more than 1,000 schools to provide breakfasts to 67,500 students around the country. Foodbank VIC supplies breakfasts to approx. 500 schools in VIC which assist in the kids having a better start to their day. The breakfast program helps develop higher concentration levels for learning, increased social interaction, and a sense of community for the kids.   

Dina Slapp, Sodexo FM Service Centre Coordinator, recounts how she felt proud to be a part of Sodexo’s ongoing commitment to Stop Hunger in support of the health and wellbeing of people across Australia.

I had such an amazing fun day with my colleagues and the staff at Foodbank VIC.  It did involve a bit of hard work and heavy lifting but it was all worth it for the feeling of giving something back to people who are less fortunate. It helps you realise just how much we take for granted every day and also how generous people can be. It was great insight to what Foodbank does for the community, both locally and internationally. We also got to see how the school breakfast program works. I really feel privileged to have been offered this opportunity by Sodexo & it makes me proud to be part of a company that is heavily involved in helping others.” 


Sodexo sites and support centres offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year for employees to get involved with local NGO’s in giving back to their community.  Look out for the volunteer sign up sheet at your office or site!