Trash into Treasure: a decade of giving

Trash into Treasure: a decade of giving

December 2017

Sodexo is committed to improving quality of life not only for its clients and employees but also in local communities in which we operate. For this reason, Sodexo has been supporting remote recycling and the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in a variety of ways since 2006.

Working in partnership with the Ruggies Recycling program, a branch of the PCH Foundation, Sodexo has developed and implemented a comprehensive recycling program that spans all types of material including paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium cans, steel tins, and plastics. Thanks to the support and efforts of mine sites throughout WA, Sodexo has been able to divert many tonnes of waste from landfill, using proceeds from recycling to raising money for local organisations such as The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Foodbank, and the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

As of this month, Sodexo has proudly donated a grand total of $500,000 to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, a fantastic milestone achieved since the inception of the recycling program.

This contribution has provided funding for vital projects at the hospital, including a study on Vitamin D deficiencies in Aboriginal children, and the purchase of specialised neonatal intensive care equipment.

National HSE Compliance & Systems Manager, Mark Noble, said: “By implementing the Ruggies Recycling program, we have not only improved recycling rates and awareness on site but have also bettered community relations by helping our clients and customers to support good causes through the money raised by recycling.

Sodexo’s Resource Recovery Program is aimed at providing a sustainable alternative to existing waste management practices for mining villages in Australia’s remote areas. This fits within Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025, which aims to reduce the environmental impact in the areas where Sodexo operates and to engage with local communities. 

Sodexo has made a significant impact on the recycling practices in the remote sites serviced, in addition to supporting community projects with the money raised by recycling, which is a fantastic achievement. We hope that more businesses will also become inspired to work with this program as we continue to break down barriers to responsible waste disposal in remote areas.”

“Every donation we receive is made available to the hospital and the broader Child and Adolescent Health Service. On behalf of the thousands of children, their families, and the amazing staff who have benefitted from your generosity, we thank Sodexo for being a Champion supporter.” – Fundraising Coordinator, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

Sodexo works closely with waste management partners to provide sustainable and streamlined solutions, developing initiatives that go beyond recycling. This includes recycling used non-GM canola oil into biodiesel, on-site composting and dehydrating of food waste, providing re-usable crib packs for residents, and the recycling of fluorescent globes, textiles, batteries, mattresses, electronic waste and printer cartridges.