Tom Price calls B-I-N-G-O! for WA Telethon

Tom Price calls B-I-N-G-O! for WA Telethon

Generations of Western Australians have grown up with the annual Telethon, a marathon 26-hour TV broadcast to raise money for sick and disadvantaged children across the state.

Saturday 21st October 2017 marked the event’s 50th anniversary, and so our Lifestyle & Wellness team in the Pilbara wanted to create something special this year to help raise money for Telethon – delivering an entertaining and successful fundraiser for locals and camp residents. 

The concept they came up with was an inaugural Bingo night at Windawarri Lodge in Tom Price. And not just any Bingo – but MEGA Bingo.

After announcing the event earlier in the week (and with the Lodge only capable of holding a maximum of 11 tables), the limited seats were quickly snapped up by eager locals. On the night, five rounds of Bingo were played with two games and two chances to win in each round.

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“The format created excitement around each round. Everyone was very active in participating and yelling out different bingo calls. I personally had a sore mouth from laughing so much!”

Lisa Elwell, Wellness Advisor – Jundunmunnah and Windawarri

The team also launched a silent auction on the night, with a few items snapped up straight away! Over the next week, residents and community members came in and placed ever-higher bids until the auction closed and top bidders could finally claim their new treasures. All funds went to Telethon, contributing to the event’s $36 million in donations this year.

“We raised over $500 for telethon over the week. MEGA Bingo was a huge success and participants were asking for more Bingo nights in the future.”

Chris Smith, Wellness Advisor – Jundunmunnah and Windawarri