Sodexo on a roll with Karratha to Broome Bike Ride

Sodexo on a roll with Karratha to Broome Bike Ride

This year’s Karratha to Broome bike ride was the 24th time riders took to the road, braving the windy but breathtakingly beautiful Kimberly landscape. 19 riders with a support crew of 22 people rode 840 kilometres during a continuous 32-hour ride from Karratha Police Station to Cable Beach. This year, the ride raised approximately $80,000 for WA Police Legacy, supporting the widows, widowers and children of deceased or incapacitated police officers.

Sodexo is proud to support the wider community and fundraising efforts for WA Police Legacy by providing riders and support staff with food and drinks and supplies to keep them going on their long ride. The yearly raffle was a major contributor to the fundraiser, with a grand prize of a PMX Lincoln Z Camper Trailer valued at $24,350 and the second prize of $1000 cash. 

“Congratulations to the winners and thank you to Sodexo for the kind donation of food for our riders and support staff. It was greatly enjoyed and devoured by all!!” – Andrew Stevens, Senior Sergeant Officer in Charge, Karratha Police

“Such an exceptional community event for Sodexo to be a part of, the money raised is an absolute credit to the riders who rode the 840kms to Broome. Well done to all, we’re already looking forward to supporting this incredible event next year!” – Luke Lilburn Operations Manager Coastal & Pannawonica

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This event is open to all who wish to participate. For more information about ride, please visit the Karratha to Broome Bike Ride Police Legacy Facebook page to stay up to date with next year’s event!