Roxby World Food & Music Festival 2018

Roxby World Food & Music Festival 2018

27 October 2018

As a company on a mission to improve quality of life for all people and communities we serve, we are dedicated to engaging in and making a lasting difference in the regional communities where we operate.

The mining industry attracts people from all over the world to this remote region; Roxby Downs has a rich diversity of people who live and work together, adding a unique vibrancy to the community. People from over 40 nationalities contribute to the community’s cultural diversity, with a large contingent of people from South Africa, New Zealand, India and Papua New Guinea.

Sodexo Operations Manager, Luke Lilburn adds: “It’s always a privilege for us to support regional communities where we operate, especially when it comes to an event that celebrates the diversity of people and cultures. Diversity and Indigenous engagement is a business imperative for us. It’s grounded in our core values and Better Tomorrow Commitments, and it’s reflected in our operations and in what we do every day.” 

Roxby Downs proudly celebrates their diversity during their World Food and Music Festival. The festival is celebrated every two years, with thousands of people in attendance. Sodexo was proud to take part in and sponsor the event, providing a traditional BBQ of Kangaroo Hamburger steaks with fried onions and bread rolls.

“Thanks to all our local contributors for helping make this event a great success. The support of Sodexo providing an Indigenous food stall makes an impact in helping to widely promote Indigenous culture in our community of Roxby Downs.” – Sasha Yantewo, Roxby Community Team Coordinator

“At the heart of creating community are the true local champions and representatives of Sodexo whose dedication and local commitment makes it all possible.  A special thanks to our collective team including Peter Burgoyne, Indigenous Community Liaison Project Manager, HLC Manager Ruth Hawker, Site Managers Adam Plush, Brigid Cook, David Atkinson and Chef Steven Laybourn.”  – Luke Lilburn Operations Manager