Karara Beyondblue Bash goes ‘beyond’ expectation!

Karara Beyondblue Bash goes ‘beyond’ expectation!

A beyondblue Bash is an annual fundraising event that aims to increase awareness about depression, anxiety and deliver prevention and support services to 3 million Australians. It brings together individuals and organisations to raise funds and improve the lives of people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.

Sodexo has been working on an integrated approach to tackle mental health issues by working with expert organisations in the mental health space, including Lifeline, beyondblue and our Employee Assistance Program provider. I Hear You month is currently rolling out to Sodexo sites around Australia, bringing greater awareness and support to mental health & wellness issues that can affect us all, especially in a FIFO environment.

Last year, Sodexo’s team at Karara were celebrated a hugely successful beyondblue fundraising event, raising in excess of $33,000 – a national record which attracted media interest and high praise from KML’s General Manager.

This year’s beyondblue Bash was bigger and better than ever. The team not only surpassed last year’s record total – they have doubled it, raising a staggering $66,000 during their 2016 Big Blue Bash. More donations are still coming in online pledges.

Adding to the enormity of this achievement, Team Karara has once again placed number one in Australia, raising more than twice the total of their nearest competitor (the Commonwealth Bank at $16,000) and funds are still filtering in via online donations. Fundraising efforts consisted of a fundraising event with live music, BBQ, a silent auction, fridge raffle, bakesale complete with ‘blue’ muffins, a sponsored head shaving, beard shaving, and even a chest waxing! Now that’s real commitment.  

A massive thank you to everyone involved in this hugely successful fundraiser! Well done Aidan, Simon, Dean and the Sodexo KV team for putting the event together!

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