Giving a leg up to the PCH Orthoses project

Giving a leg up to the PCH Orthoses project

October 2019

Sodexo is committed to improving quality of life not only for its clients and employees but also the local communities in which we operate. We have supported the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in a variety of ways since 2006.

We are pleased to continue making a difference in the quality of life of local children by funding the PCH Orthoses project to help kids live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Orthoses are devices that are worn on the body to assist or limit motion, or reduce the load for a specific part of the body. Orthoses are regularly used to treat injuries and gait/spinal imbalances resulting from medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and developmental delay.

Your gift of $25,000 will enable the Research & Development of a prototype for 3D printed orthoses. This includes specialist design work, research into best materials and printers and trialing of the orthoses. This project has the potential to put Western Australia in the limelight as the go-to place in Australia for orthoses for children, enabling children to stand, walk and move with greater ease.

Charlee Reddell – Key Relationship Manager, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) provides world leading care to some of the sickest and most vulnerable children. Through community generosity, the PCH is able to conduct ground-breaking research, purchase cutting edge equipment, invest in delivering quality patient care programs.