Prelude’s First Residents

Prelude’s First Residents


12 June 2017

Before her maiden voyage to her new home off the WA coast, Shell’s Prelude FLNG has just completed another major milestone, the 9th one in the project plan execution. From the 26th to the 28th of May, Prelude’s future residents were treated to a sneak peak of what life will be like onboard during Habitation Weekend.

Showing the strength of our global presence, the 45 person Sodexo team came from all over the world to showcase our “Quality of Life” offer to residents. The Australian team that will be responsible for Prelude on arrival in field were joined by some of the best members of the Global Shipyard Transit team, to provide services for 200 lucky residents on board.

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The weekend gave Sodexo the opportunity to test out processes and procedures and find solutions to any difficulties that were encountered along the way. The Australian team, the majority who have never worked in an offshore environment, were given lots of helpful advice and guidance from our Global Transit Team who in the last 3 years have completed 53 mobilizations from Korean shipyards and know how to get the job done!

For the Australian team, it was a fantastic opportunity to see just how far our global support reaches and many members of the team have formed lots of new friendships along the way, with plenty of social opportunities for Team Spirit to be shared among them all.

Prelude is due to leave Korea in July 2017, where she will be towed to position in Western Australia, some 475km north-east of Broome.