Optimum Training Goes Online!

Optimum Training Goes Online!

Optimum eLearning modules are available for new and existing employees who require introductory Optimum training.

After developing and testing the Optimum modules over the past few months with input from Finance, Supply Chain, IS&T and Operations, the huge task of transforming our formerly costly and time-consuming face-to-face training is complete.


  •          No waiting for face-to-face workshops
  •          No need for interstate travel for trainers and employees
  •          Less time for employees to be out of the field
  •          Reduction in training time from two days to approximately four hours
  •          Significant cost-savings associated with travel and training

Tony Tsiakos (pictured above), our new Food Services Manager at Haileybury Keysbrough, was the first employee to officially complete Optimum training fully online.

“the modules were easy to understand and effective… all went well!”


The modules cover Ordering, Receipting, Stocktake, Reporting, Transferring Stock, Invoicing and Rebill. The modules feature lecture-style animated information, screen recordings of the software being used, and practical activities for the learner to complete. Learners also complete a short, practical knowledge-check assessment at the end of training before being granted full access to the live version of Optimum, ensuring new users can operate the system effectively.

An FAQ sheet detailing information and process is available on our intranet and SOS – if you don’t have access to these platforms, please ask your Manager.

Special thanks to Gurvinder Singh (Finance), Remy Combres and Jeff Burns (IS&T), Bipin Singh (Supply Chain), Bob Clarke (Operations Manager), Neil Oliver (Operations Manager), Charlotte Mazza (Operations Manager), Jess Dean(Operations Manager), Sam Hampson (Demand Management Manager), Georgia Hirth (HR), Kelly Webb (Snr Project Manager), and Triston Powell and Aden Weinman (Project Manages) and the other Operations Managers and employees who assisted in developing and testing the modules!


Key Contacts:

IT HelpDesk – for issues with Optimum and Optimum Access

Email: it.helpdesk.amecaa.au@sodexo.com Ph: (03) 9880 6499 (ext: 6499)

HR Shared Services – for issues with Ingenium and eLearning Modules

Email: Hr.sharedservices.AMECAA.AU@sodexo.com Ph: 1800 (Sodexo) 763396 Option 5 then 3


Corporate, Education, Healtchcare segments – regarding the module development, content and processes Project Lead: Terrena Hooper, email: terrena.hooper@sodexo.com M: 0409 471 708

Energy and Resources segments – regarding the module development, content and processes Project Lead: Jenna Murray, email: jenna.murray@sodexo.com T: (08) 9242 0747 Mob: 0429 986 297