Kuditj Jerky lands at Bunnings

Kuditj Jerky lands at Bunnings

10 April 2019

Kuditj Jerky is now available at select Bunnings cafes and stores! What started out as a delicious experiment in the kitchens of Kuditj catering, has now become a national sensation sold at retail stores across Australia. Things may have changed since the humble first batch, but the essence remains the same— small batches of hand crafted jerky with standout flavours of Australia. Marinated in a unique blend of traditional Indigenous spices, delicious marinades, and natural sea salt, Kuditj beef jerky is free from additives, nitrates, preservatives and anything artificial.

Kuditj is a Supply Nation registered Aboriginal owned and operated business, operates as a Corporate Function, Training and Conference Centre, catering business, and now a registered manufacturing facility. Specialising in contemporary Australian food with an emphasis on native produce, Kuditj supports and caters for a variety of premium corporate and Indigenous cultural events. Sodexo’s Project Manager and Head Chef are experienced mentors who provide assistance and support in the development and career pathways for Indigenous employees and Aboriginal school based trainees. Kuditj provides a unique “hands on” training environment, with genuine opportunities for employees and trainees from community.

“As a proud partner of Kuditj, we are thrilled to see this business growing, thriving and branching out to provide economic opportunity and Indigenous development through sustainable employment, Aboriginal school based traineeships, VTEC training programs and cultural engagement with the wider community. “

– Mark Chalmers, CFO & Country President, Sodexo Australia

Sodexo is committed to improving Indigenous participation and opportunities as part of its Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage. The Sodexo-Kuditj partnership demonstrates a genuine long term partnership and strategy for creating shared value through the provision of 2-way opportunities in employment, training and supply chain diversity through engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners.

For more information on Sodexo and its RAP commitments, please contact Indigenous.Community.APAC.AU@Sodexo.com or visit www.sodexo.com.au