We Are In This Together Awards & Recognition

We Are In This Together Awards & Recognition

8 May 2020

We are pleased to introduce the We Are In This Together Awards, a 10-week recognition and reward campaign to acknowledge and thank our people for doing what they do every day to support our people, our consumers, clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The value of our services and our mission to improve quality of life, seem to matter now more than ever. Around the world, Sodexo service professionals are at the forefront supplying essential goods, feeding people, and caring for those who are far from home, including seniors and those in the healthcare system who need it most. We ensure the cleanliness, safety, and the operation and infrastructure supporting daily life and work environments in a challenging context.

We are looking to spotlight the hidden heroes and quiet achievers across the company. A Special Recognition Fund has also been set up to add awards for extra special achievements. This award and recognition campaign will reflect and celebrate Sodexo’s values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, and Safety leadership.

Service Spirit

  • Remaining focused on the delivery of services that continue to delight our customers despite challenging working conditions, distractions, and unforeseen impacts during this time.
  • Making the extra effort to communicate and inform clients and consumers to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction where alternative arrangements and services have been required.
  • Ensuring the customers have remained at the heart of decision making whilst we work through the impacts of COVID 19. 

Team Spirit

  • Stepping up to help the team do what was needed with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, supporting colleagues and customers alike.
  • Being a great supportive team member to colleagues; to have listened, understood, empathised and been there for people within the Sodexo family, in your immediate team, or colleagues in other teams/functions.
  • Thinking and acting with the wellbeing of yourself, your teammates, and your consumers at the front of mind. Exemplifying how ‘we are in this together’.

Spirit of Progress

  • Adapting and responding well to changing working conditions with a growth mindset that has been open and agile to cope with unexpected shifts, short lead times, or heightened pressures.
  • Enhancing Sodexo business performance by recognising an opportunity to add value to core work processes or services we can offer.
  • Harnessing new ideas and ways of working that have streamlined our approach and may live on beyond the immediate COVID-19 crisis.

Safety Leadership

  • Strictly following the HSE directives and guidance and responding safely yet with speed to new information and circumstances.
  • Proactively grasping additional HSE requirements and ensuring these are integrated urgently into routines, acknowledging these have rapidly evolved over the COVID 19 impact period.
  • Prioritising HSE SOP’s in understanding the paramount importance of adherence and compliance around COVID-19 and associated procedures

Continuing to live our values is what has grounded and connected us throughout this time, and we want to showcase the achievements and excellence we should all be proud of.

Thank you for your participation and demonstrating We Are In This Together!