WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

1 October 2018

Sodexo acknowledges the great work of Jannika Jacky this year as a finalist in the WA Training Awards within ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year’ category.

Jannika is a Bardi Aboriginal young woman who commenced employment with Sodexo as an Apprentice Chef in May 2015 and is now employed as a Line Chef at Jerriwah/Brockman 2. This is an exciting achievement for Jannika and a testament to her commitment to personal growth and career development. We thank our outstanding team at Greater Brockman for their support to Jannika on her training journey.

Jannika says: “Sodexo giving me the opportunity to obtain this trade has been incredible. If I’m being honest, to be able to study and work simultaneously has been life changing. It was a great combination for me because being heavily involved and hands on, and continuous studying and learning, is something I really value. I believe that I have a lot of capacity for growth in Sodexo with mentoring, further learning and experiences.”

The WA Training Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of apprentices, trainees and vocational students, and the contribution to training made by trainers, training organisations and employers. This is an exciting achievement and a testament to Jannika’s commitment to personal growth and development with Sodexo in her training journey and the outstanding support from the IFMS Greater Brockman team.  Jannika has recently graduated with a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, completing her apprenticeship with Sodexo.

The Sodexo leadership team was in attendance at the event supporting Jannika, including Paul Cooper, CEO Mining APAC; Wendy Dawson, Mining Indigenous Affairs; Martin (Kusi) Bin Rashid, Indigenous Business Development Manager; Michael Little, Michael Little Indigenous & Community Liaison Advisor; Sally Ryan and Dee Hunwick, Sodexo Operations.  Please join us in congratulating Jannika on this great achievement!