Exemplary Safety & Team spirit at Jundunmunnah

Exemplary Safety & Team spirit at Jundunmunnah

Meagan Wooding – Village manager at Jundunmunnah, receives certificate of recognition from Shane Byrne – IFMS Inland operations manager during the recent Inland safety workshop.


Meagan and her team at Jundunmunnah were acknowledged for demonstrating Team Spirit, Service Spirit and a commitment to Safety during an emergency situation. The team spirit award exemplifies supporting others and keeping each other safe. 


Clare would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone involved: 

“Recently I had an acute medical situation half-way through my swing in the dining room at Jundunmunnah. I cannot praise my manager Meagan and her admin team enough for their care and swift action during my emergency.

Working remotely means medical intervention has to be carried out quickly because of distance. I was so relieved my condition was dealt with so professionally (and kindly). A huge thank you to Meagan’s team.  I’m happy to be back at work at full health (and happy because I’m in Jundy). Thank you again.”

Kind regards,

Clare Cowan 

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