Celebrating our One Year Anniversary in Pilbara

Celebrating our One Year Anniversary in Pilbara

13 July 2017

We have another great milestone to celebrate this week, with the one year anniversary of the mobilization of the Integrated Facilities Management Services project in Pilbara.

Just over 12 months ago, staff members from various backgrounds and locations all came together to start this immense journey, and have all worked extremely hard to continuously deliver some outstanding results.

Operations manager for the Coastal & Pannawonica Regions, Luke Lilburn personally thanked those involved for providing the quality of life services to our customers throughout the Pilbara region.

“As a leader I’m very proud of the team’s performance and achievements to date, and I’m looking forward to the years ahead as we continue to grow the partnership that is IFMS.” – Luke Lilburn: Operations Manager.

Staff members enjoyed some delicious cake at the monthly safety meeting to celebrate this great achievement.

Some descriptionPictured: Staff members in Pilbara celebrating the one year anniversary