Celebrating One Year of Partnership in Pannawonica

Celebrating One Year of Partnership in Pannawonica

3 August 2017

Sodexo and Rio Tinto are commemorating One Year of Partnership since the mobilisation of the IFMS contract. This signals the first year of operation of a ten-year contract delivering integrated facilities management services in Australia’s Pilbara region.

From the phased mobilisation a year ago, we have now reached the one year mark for Pannawonica and Mesa A. The teams celebrated the occasion alongside the client and service providers during a morning tea presentation.

Everyone who worked directly with, and provided Quality of Life services to residents and customers over the last 12 months were personally thanked and presented with a Sodexo Core Values certificate by the management team.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the many people involved in the mobilisation, stabilisation and now operational phases, and express our thanks and appreciation for your hard work, planning and professionalism. Sincere thanks to our teams for their continued efforts.” –Gareth Ellis, IFMS Account Director

Since the start of mobilisation, the Pannawonica region has now also completed 12 months without a loss time injury (LTI). This demonstrates our shared commitment towards the goal of zero harm, and is another great accomplishment to be recognised.