Lean Path : Food Waste Prevention System

Lean Path : Food Waste Prevention System

On Tuesday 10th November, a food waste reduction workshop was organised at West Angelas by Graeme Parnham (Senior Regional Head Chef). Anthony Peyton, Green chip Director, facilitated the meeting and presented the Lean Path tracking system

During the workshop Anthony explained the benefits of using the Lean Path technology to track the food waste and create visibility on what in a day to day kitchen operation, is considered food waste.

Lean Path is a waste prevention system that focuses staff on the nature, type and value of food waste before the food reaches the consumer. The food waste is photographed, weighed and a few questions are asked of the food production team.

Lean path will display on the screen at the end of each transaction, a dollar value and quantity value to the food waste.  Each employee has a real time picture on what has been wasted and if it is possible to action in order to reduce the waste.

Key personnel from the sites including Project managers, head chefs, HSEQ managers, currently trailing Lean Path, were attending the workshop.

A 5 stars lunch has been provided to all of us by the West Angelas team.

The Lean Path trial has been running for two months across the Rio Tinto Portfolio with the hard work of Amanda Pickering (Operations Manager) and Jodie Avins (Head of Regional Operations/Rio Tinto Portfolio)

What a great way on keep focusing on our commitment on reducing costs and improve sustainability.  

I believe the Lean Path is going to become a significant tool within Sodexo’s business and think it is going to go a long way in reducing waste and associated costs to each site. Although our system is still in its infancy the team at HD4 have been very surprised by volumes of food waste we discard and how much that cost us and our client.

Once we have our designated area for the system set up I think we will be able to see a lot more trends happening and identify more areas where we can cut our waste I am certainly looking forward to seeing the results across all the site.

Nick Greening - Head Chef – Hope Down 4 Mine

‘’I think that the lean path system highlights for every chef in the kitchen the reality of waste, and all the costs and affects it has, it will help hone chefs skills and abilities to strive for efficiency in minimizing waste and encourage wise usage of stock’’

Steve Cannell - Relief Head Chef  - West Angelas 

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